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December 24, 2023

What to do for your next Christmas party or work party

 Animation Concept

Now is the time to start thinking about your Christmas party or organize your office party in order to unite your team, bring people together or simply find the idea that will impress the family, the guests?

Look no further! We understand the importance of providing an extraordinary experience for your corporate evening and present a friendly, pleasant and memorable celebration for all.

Without further ado, here are some inspiration ideas for your next party in Montreal, or anywhere across the Quebec!


  1. Party in the form of a Quiz (funny!) with animation

    A party where everyone is captivated, which keeps everyone focused and provokes lots of laughter! With an unlimited number of participants, an impressive glittering decor and a host who set fire, you will be sure to offer a memorable evening to the whole family (near one or office!). Try for example our latest quiz which is all the rage, the 100 common sense quiz!

  2. A comedy show evening

    If you don't want to take care of your guests, entrust the task to an experienced actor! Give him space and he will make sure to make everyone laugh, will bring life to your evening and will make sure to respect the theme chosen for your office party / family. Check out our humorous characters and you will be sure to provide a memorable time for everyone!

  3. thematic party to personalize your event

    Make sure the family party be memorable! Organize your evening around a theme and impress people with your stylish decor! Our solutions thematic evenings will impress: let yourself be carried away by science fiction in the Futuristic World, the side glamour of Hollywood and the Oscars or prepare your Halloween with us!

  4. A memorable decor set!

    An exceptional evening requires an exceptional environment: a beach party without surfboards and flower necklaces, it doesn't work! All our thematic evenings include stunning backdrops and animation perfect for any office party! Spoil your group with an evening they won't soon forget!


In closing, here are some points to remember to make your evening a success (read here the top 10 things to think about for a successful event!)

  • There food : a buffet, food stations, a cocktail dinner, a meal with services, lunch boxes, etc. (Provide a meal for the technical team and artists of your event)
  • THE invitations: by post, by email, by courier, etc.
  • There promotion: in addition to traditional means, social media is a very good method to bring everyone together for your evening
  • There specs: sound system, lighting, special effects, audio-visual, stage, dance floor, electrical boxes, generators, etc.
  • THE decorations: stage, hall, lobby, outdoors, centerpieces, etc.
  • L'animation: artists, shows, speakers, service staff, coordination and management, etc.
  • Others : security, photographer, gifts, door prizes, trophies (plaques or medals), insurance, etc.


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