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Futuristic World
Themed Event

Experience an extraordinary futuristic themed evening, where robots and humans mingle in a breathtaking spectacle.
Up to 500 people
 (basic package)
 (basic package)
Futuristic party

full immersion

Our futuristic themed evening concept event inspired by the biggest hit science fiction films such as “I Robot”, “Minority Report” and “Total Recall” will transport you far into the future. You move freely in a secret experimental base for humanoid robotics research and development. You will have the chance to meet robots and mad scientists who will amaze you. You will be able to see whether such technology is justified or whether men's delusions of grandeur have not reached a point of no return!

Attention : an out-of-control robot has escaped electronic surveillance and enters the human world without permission. His ability to make decisions alone, without a guardian, makes him very dangerous. He altered her appearance to be human and knew it nearby. For revenge, he will probably try to interfere in the evening to get his hands on the “proton”, this ultra-developed artificial intelligence which would make it so powerful that the world as we know it would no longer exist.

So we ask you to be vigilant, while having fun. If a person or thing seems strange to you, mention it to a guardian without hesitation.

It depends on the future of the world as we know it, or not!

Animation : During the evening we can organize robotic dance shows, virtual reality performances or holographic projections to entertain your guests. Interactive games on touch screens or immersive activities can also be included in your program.

Note: We provide our team with costumes and accessories according to your chosen theme.  Encourage your guests to wear futuristic clothing such as metallic outfits, luminous dresses, electronic accessories or costumes inspired by sci-fi films; It really adds to the atmosphere of the theme!


Depending on space and budget...

  1. Laser Tag: Organize a laser tag battle with sophisticated equipment. You can have laser guns with sensors that indicate when someone is hit. Create a futuristic atmosphere with glowing obstacles and special effects.

  2. Virtual Reality Game: Offer a video game experience in virtual reality. Provide VR headsets and game consoles to allow guests to immerse themselves in futuristic virtual worlds. Organize a tournament or offer group games for an immersive experience.

  3. Futuristic quiz: Have a quiz on futuristic topics like science fiction, technology, and scientific advancements. Use interactive tools such as electronic buzzers so guests can respond quickly.


Futuristic light accessories: 

Adding futuristic light accessories to your themed party will bring a captivating visual ambiance and amaze your guests. Whether it's LED glasses, luminous jewelry, sparkling clothing or hair accessories, these luminous elements will help create a memorable futuristic atmosphere. Prepare to see your guests shine and experience an immersive evening in a world overflowing with light and modernity.

  1. LED Light Up Glasses: LED light up glasses are a perfect choice for adding a touch of futuristic extravagance to your party.
  2. Luminous jewelry: For futuristic elegance, opt for luminous jewelry that will make your guests shine throughout the evening. Bracelets, necklaces or earrings equipped with LEDs can add a sparkling touch to their outfits.


Projections of futuristic films on giant screens:

  • Giant screen(s) and projection system: A high-quality projection system will ensure a clear and sharp image, with vibrant colors to enhance the visual effects of the film. We offer you a selection of films that embody the futuristic aesthetic and atmosphere you want to create.


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A human guard verifies the identity of every human entering the event. The goal is to prevent the escaped robot or other poorly connected individuals from gaining access to the interior. Your safety is in our hands, of course.

Right next to it, two actors will be visible to arriving customers. One will play a guard who searches the other playing a simple visitor for the evening.

A body painting artist will be able to create Lycra costumes equipped with electronic devices (LED, wiring, etc.), the faces of our actor-artists will have latex prostheses made by professionals in cinema special effects.


Absolute security

A head of security with the “look” of the future imperial guard, supported by an imposing armed robot, will ensure the smooth running of the evening. Their goal is simple: to bring law and order under the dome. 

This futuristic duo will have, among other things, the mission of flushing out a potentially dangerous robot with human appearance that has maliciously joined your ranks. To complete their work, they will make you pass certain tests which will indicate whether or not you are this desired robot.

We sincerely hope you aren't one of them, because if you are, security will need to eradicate the problem immediately.


on duty

Robotic service

A humanoid serves the cocktail, welcomes your guests and ensures that they lack nothing. It's not impossible that they have a few little "bugs", but nothing that can't be reprogrammed.


For example: one of these humanoids could have a lack of affection and could ask the guests on site for a little hug. A member of our technical support team will be able to correct the problem if necessary.

Fast charging

PS: Each Robot has a battery life of around 2 hours, so it will be possible to see them on a quick recharge basis!

Culinary arts

Meal-pill bar

Immerse yourself in the gastronomic future: a world where exquisite meals are revealed in a pill, uniting innovation and taste pleasure in an instant.

A taste of the culinary art of the future.

A robot barmaid in a stainless steel bar lit from below.

Menu with eg. salmon tartare, pink bison on a nest of peas with blue cheese sauce, etc. served to your customers...

...but everything comes in a pill and is consumed in less than 5 seconds!


Robot in training

You will witness the training of this extremely sophisticated humanoid robot which will be programmed to adopt human behavior.

He is an artist recognized throughout the world who perfectly imitates the movements of a robot. 

Some of your guests may even have to go on stage to serve as a model for him during his learning. Amazement and delirium will go hand in hand during this truly remarkable experience.

Medical station

Merging of
man and robot

Sensitive hearts of pure morality, please abstain! You will observe a mad scientist, Dr. Belzara working at his medical station and striving to unite man and machine. A work that will leave you perplexed and which will probably explain the future overpopulation problem.

Beware of the man in the white saros who stares at you for too long, he could be looking for spare parts! Are you or one of your members interested in eternal life?

futuristic themed evening

Futuristic World
Themed Event

Let's make your event an absolute success.


Futuristic decors
laser show
light weight show
MZ Laser Show

Mobile Disco
& DJ-Animator

Superior quality service for corporate and private clients. Our dynamic DJ-entertainers are by far the best in Quebec. They all have recognized training as radio or TV presenters and certification as crowd entertainers. Several of them come directly from the National School of Humor or Theater.

Technical operator (Disc Jockey attentive to your needs)

Complete mobile disco (a high-end sound system that can cover up to 150 to 200 people in the basic version)

lighting system for the dance party including 4 Par LEDs on a freestanding tripod and a light effect

event planning document "Activity Concept" as well as a preparatory meeting

On a musical level, more than 140,000 pieces of music

Our professional animators (masters of ceremonies) are mostly members of the Union of Artists and have a minimum of 15 to 30 years of experience in the field of public entertainment. You've probably seen them on TV, on a festival stage or heard them on the radio. Be part of our select clientele! More than 6,000 successful events throughout Quebec! A crazy night, to be experienced intensely!


-Installation of the decorations for the THEME A FUTURISTIC WORLD and the sound system (mobile disco)

3am to 5am

-Arrival of guests (inspection at the security zone: futuristic stations)

-Entertainment of the cocktail and dinner by our robot, our humanoids and our emperors of the future

-Entertainment of the futuristic evening: with our pill bar and our futuristic shows on request* (*optional: Mr. laser show, Led weight, Stilt walkers, Robotic dance, etc.)

-Music and futuristic soundtrack and current music for the dance evening




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We provide

 -The mobile disco with DJ, lighting, decorations for our THEMATIC EVENING A FUTURISTIC WORLD
 -Our 3-dimensional settings include: futuristic doors, buzzer zone (2 modules), The Proton (mega radioactive charge), futuristic control station, laboratory, etc.
 -Pill bar, humanoid robot charging area(s), dance area with laser and special effects, etc.
 -1 DJ and 1 host (MC)

You provide

 a) For a group of (example) 50 to 100 people, plan a room with a capacity of approximately double the number of guests. We should have enough space for the installation of scenery, games (activities) and technical equipment (sound, lighting and/or projection).
 b) Arrangement of round tables (8 to 10 people / table): a banquet type configuration.
 c) The place must be equipped with a loading dock to be able to easily unload our equipment (decors and technique). If the location does not have a sufficiently large drop-off space for our team, we will have to add additional personnel to compensate for the problem.
 d) Clear height for the majority of our thematic decorations: average 10', max. 11' tall.
 e) The client must ensure that the room has a sufficiently large “goods elevator” type elevator (min. 6' X 8'), if the event does not take place on the ground floor.
 f) Power supply required: min. 4 X 15 amp on different circuits and dedicated to our equipment only.
 g) 2 covered rectangular tables of 6' or 8' for technique and our activities.
 h) A safe “lodge” type place to change and store our personal belongings.
 i) 4 hot meals for our team. 2 installers, 1 presenter, 1 DJ.
 j) Ideally meals would be served 1 hour before the start of the event.
 k) It is not necessary to have a stage for our technical equipment or our sets.
 l) Provide a dance floor if necessary. (Not provided by our company.)
 m) A high-speed internet connection is often desirable for our interactive quiz-type activities with application.