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32 years
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Animation remains one of the main agents of success of an event.
It is important to entrust this task to professionals 

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The story begins with that of Rudy Magnan, fresh out of the CRTQ School (Collège de Radio Télévision de Québec) at 21 years old. Already an animator for 5 years for various disco-mobiles in Quebec City, he decided to found his own company in the same environment, but thought of it differently: it would be more oriented towards the quality and variety of the entertainment, and would offer more than dancing evenings.  Animation Concept was born.

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Rudy Magnan and his team then stepped up and worked tirelessly. Croisières AML, the Valcartier Sports Village, Expo-Québec and the Le Billardier franchises are among the first to have placed their trust and offered agreements over several months. Soon, the astonishing creativity and productivity of the two young entrepreneurs are noticed, and the duo will put on large-scale shows for the Capital Galleries, including that of 35th anniversary of Asterix. New adventures are played out in front of an audience in the real Gallic village recreated on site, with the blessing of the co-author of Asterix, Albert Uderzo.

The company is experiencing rapid growth and five entertainment teams have already been added to the first, as well as sound units. In December, “organizers” hire Animation Concept staff for the entire holiday season. More than fifty events take place. Unfortunately, the “organizers” disappear without paying their dues to Animation Concept, leaving the young company in a precarious situation. Everything has to start from scratch!

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Animation Concept then produced the evenings for singles “Your place or ours?” » at the Capitole de Québec and at the Spectrum de Montréal, with artists such as Jean-Michel Anctil, Mike Ward, François Morency and Maxim Martin. In addition, Animation Concept will also produce the “Carambalesque Evening” for the Quebec Carnival, at the Manège Militaire.  Animation Concept is also the radio promotion team CHOI FM, CITF 107.5 as well as VAT Quebec.


Direction: Montreal

tel montreal

After several years in Quebec, Rudy Magnan decided to take on new challenges and enrolled at the National School of Humor. Animation Concept therefore made its entry into the great metropolis.

With new contacts in the artistic industry in Montreal, new opportunities are gradually emerging. Collaborations with Just for Laughs and Comédi Ha! are repeated, either with their parades (design and animation of allegorical floats), the indoor shows at St-Sulpice and the animation of the installations Loan Plus, in front of a few thousand people in the open air.  Animation Concept thus becomes the corporate supplier for the humorous entertainment offered by Just for Laughs.

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The success continues

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Round also becomes a customer of Animation Concept : the animation of the “Far West” section must be renewed, and a new show must be put in place. This time, talented acrobats and trampolinists are called in to perform 360 degree stunts around the audience, with a solid and humorous storyline. The show is becoming a major attraction at the site, and will be seen by tens of thousands of spectators throughout the summer.

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And it continues!

 Animation Concept also becomes responsible for the animation of the 20th Tour of the island of Montreal, which welcomes more than 35,000 cyclists and spectators. Like a car wash, Rudy imagines a fun “giant bike wash” through which cyclists go to freshen up. The 50 entertainment stations throughout the site are a sensation and the “anniversary special” formula makes the front page of the newspaper The Gazette.

Animation Concept specializes in the organization of high-end private events for renowned clients such as Patrick Roy and Céline Dion, demonstrating its unique know-how for exclusive moments. As the partner of choice for agencies and event organizers, the company offers a complete range of entertainment services, acting as a wholesaler. Its ability to design tailor-made events for various occasions, from galas to product launches, makes it a key player in the industry. Animation Concept combines creativity, excellence and attention to detail to ensure the success of each event, thus consolidating its leading position in the event animation sector.

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Simultaneously, the team develops the Team building aspect.  Animation Concept becomes certified by the Commission des Partenaires du Travail.


25 years

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Virtuel Studio

In 2020, due to this Covid-19 pandemic, Animation Concept is taking on a whole new challenge, that of creating a virtual studio that can serve as a place for the production and broadcast of virtual shows. All our animations are then modified to meet the needs of our customers.


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32 years old

...And it's only just started


Over time, the notebook Animation Concept has acquired the best names in the industry (all members of theUnion of Artists), and the most qualified employees there is. The artists, technicians and animators of Animation Concept are highly recommended wherever they go, word of mouth being proof of their popularity. Animation Concept has loyal customers such as Deco-Surfaces for over 25 years, and continues to be discovered by new customers throughout Quebec. Nowadays,  Animation Concept has more than 6,000 events to its credit in 32 years! Will you be next?




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