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International Themed Event

Animation Concept once again offers you a theme that will amaze you and will certainly take your guests on several continents!
Up to 250 people
 (basic package)
 (basic package)

Trip around the world!

Welcome to our International Thematic Evening! We have prepared an immersive experience to take you across continents and discover the cultural diversity of our beautiful planet. Whether you are passionate about cooking, music, dance or art, this evening promises you an unforgettable adventure.

In each corner of the room, we will install a decor typical of a country or a civilization that makes you dream. The decor will serve as a backdrop for the buffet that will be presented there. Your guests will have the choice of walking around the four corners of the room to choose a dish typical of the region where they are from. 

The decorations

The decor sections in the 4 corners of the room are highlighted by lighting, 3-dimensional decor elements, buffet centerpieces according to the country theme and even the hotel staff  would ideally be dressed with an accessory from the country represented.

The musical atmosphere and the projections on giant screens

In terms of music, during dinner, four 30-minute blocks of classical music from one of the four chosen countries will be heard. During this time on the giant screens, four videos of around thirty minutes each are projected on the star countries. 

The shows offered

The evening will also be enlivened by spectacular artistic performances. The shows offered will alternate during the buffet dinner. Once we have seen the show from one country, the music from the next country will be highlighted and then end with the show from that country. Examples: a Mariachi performance, Hawaiian dancers, a fakir, London characters, interactive activities with actors from Comedia Dell Arte and much more!

Finally, to end this evening in style, we invite you to join our international dance floor. Dance to intoxicating rhythms from around the world and let yourself be carried away by the boundless energy of the music.

We hope that this themed evening around the world will offer you memorable memories and give you an irresistible desire to further explore our multifaceted planet. Take advantage of this incredible experience and make this virtual journey a tangible reality. Good evening to all !

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Central America


Welcome to New Mexico! Experience the fiesta through our three-dimensional Mexican village and let yourself be guided in this epic. Our decor covers between 50' and 60' wide and includes: a saloon, a general store and a bank! Several accessories complete these installations: coffee jute pockets, maracas, cacti, poncho, sombreros, pinatas, posters of Mexican destinations, Mexican pennants, shrubs, cart wheels, lassos, wooden barrels, horse saddles, lanterns, crates of wood, etc.


Central Pacific


Hawaii immerses us in a most exotic and tropical setting. Our decor represents two surfers' cabins made up of 2 bars with a bamboo structure measuring 10' wide x 9' high with a straw roof as shelter for the sun. In addition, a few surfboards, colorful parasols, 4 torchiere lamps, wooden masks, straw hats, wooden chests, jute and exotic vegetation complete the look. Without forgetting the addition of three islands of 3 natural seedling palm trees with a height varying between 8' and 11' high. The decor will be highlighted with multi-colored LED lighting.




Our Asian decor that can be used as a buffet includes a red velvet curtain background 24' wide x 12' high. In front of the curtain, 4 backlit “sushi bar” type screens, each measuring 8' high x 5' wide. As a centerpiece: an imposing Japanese structure representing a “Torii” gate measuring 16′ wide x 11′ high is installed there. To complete everything, we add two large black vases filled with 8' bamboo, two large fans and finally two beautiful red Japanese lamps. Everything will be highlighted by LED lighting.


Middle East


Decor composed of 2D and 3D elements as well as Egyptian accessories. As a backdrop, a canvas illustrating an Egyptian palace measuring 20' wide x 10' high. On each side of the canvas, we have 2 golden columns 10' high. In front of the canvas, a superb self-supporting 2D mask measuring 6' x 4' will be installed. In addition, impressive 3D Egyptian elements will be part of this decor such as: a golden pharaoh bust, three life-size sarcophagi and a 4' high BASTET cat statue.




A breathtaking place where the jungle, wildlife and savannah will stun you! The decor includes: a surprising canvas 10′ high x 24′ wide representing a beach with hand-painted palm trees. In front of this canvas, we have numerous tropical foliage and exotic plants. In addition, 4 X 2D cut-outs of animals (zebra, lion, tiger and elephant) are arranged in front of the canvas and a most realistic crocodile in 3 dimensions. Additionally, 6 fake lights complete the whole thing.

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Themed Event

Let's make your event an absolute success.


Polynesian dancers
Egyptian guard
mixology class
animation of a Mexican fiesta
sushi class
Egyptian decryption
Italian photobooth with characters from the comedia dell arte

Mobile Disco
& DJ-Animator

Superior quality service for corporate and private clients. Our dynamic DJ-entertainers are by far the best in Quebec. They all have recognized training as radio or TV presenters and certification as crowd entertainers. Several of them come directly from the National School of Humor or Theater.

Technical operator (Disc Jockey attentive to your needs)

Complete mobile disco (a high-end sound system that can cover up to 150 to 200 people in the basic version)

lighting system for the dance party including 4 Par LEDs on a freestanding tripod and a light effect

event planning document "Activity Concept" as well as a preparatory meeting

On a musical level, more than 140,000 pieces of music

Our professional animators (masters of ceremonies) are mostly members of the Union of Artists and have a minimum of 15 to 30 years of experience in the field of public entertainment. You've probably seen them on TV, on a festival stage or heard them on the radio. Be part of our select clientele! More than 6,000 successful events throughout Quebec! A crazy night, to be experienced intensely!


-Installation of decorations for the INTERNATIONAL THEME and sound system (DJ)


-Arrival of guests in the room with international background music and projection of the 4 corners of the world on the giant screens (optional)

-Cocktail and dinner entertainment by our host and various variety shows.

-Evening entertainment by our actors in each country section. Mexican fiesta, Egyptian decryption, Hawaiian-style fruit cutting, Japanese writing, etc.

–Possibility of adding a mixologist in the evening on the Hawaiian side. Please note that the venue must provide the drink and that the cost will be billed to the customer.

-International background music at dinner and current music for the dancing evening.


2:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m.


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We provide

 -The complete sound system with the DJ, lighting, decorations for our INTERNATIONAL THEMATIC EVENING
 -Our complete decorations include: 4 sections complete with decorations representing a country or a civilization.
 -A stage decor can be added if necessary, as can two giant screens on each side of the stage (optional)
 -1 DJ and 1 host (MC) Host and artists for the shows, including costumes and staging.
 -Actors for Comedia Dell Arte, Mexican musicians for the mariachi performance at dinner, Polynesian or Hawaiian dancers for a dance demonstration and even a mini training for participants at dessert.
 -It is possible to offer you much more depending on your evening goals and your budget!

You provide

 a) For a group of (example) 50 to 100 people, plan a room with a capacity of approximately double the number of guests. We should have enough space for the installation of scenery, games (activities) and technical equipment (sound, lighting and/or projection).
 b) Arrangement of round tables (8 to 10 people / table): a banquet type configuration.
 c) The place must be equipped with a loading dock to be able to easily unload our equipment (decors and technique). If the location does not have a sufficiently large drop-off space for our team, we will have to add additional personnel to compensate for the problem.
 d) Clear height for the majority of our thematic decorations: average 10', max. 11' tall.
 e) The client must ensure that the room has a sufficiently large “goods elevator” type elevator (min. 6' X 8'), if the event does not take place on the ground floor.
 f) Power supply required: min. 4 X 15 amp on different circuits and dedicated to our equipment only.
 g) 2 covered rectangular tables of 6' or 8' for technique and our activities.
 h) A safe “lodge” type place to change and store our personal belongings.
 i) 4 hot meals for our team. 2 installers, 1 presenter, 1 DJ.
 j) Ideally meals would be served 1 hour before the start of the event.
 k) It is not necessary to have a stage for our technical equipment or our sets.
 l) Provide a dance floor if necessary. (Not provided by our company.)
 m) A high-speed internet connection is often desirable for our interactive quiz-type activities with application.